Hotel Services

Wherever large quantities of water are heated – hotels, hospitals, barracks, residential schools and care homes – scale becomes an issue. Scale affects water systems in terms of:-

Increased maintenance and equipment/services failure
Increased Health & Safety risks - Legionella
Unsightly deposits and scum

ENiGMA technology continues to have an enviable and unparalleled success reducing scale issues experienced by hundreds of clients resulting in:-

Reductions in maintenance costs
Savings on chemicals
Reducing plant downtime 

Royal Navy vessels and Cruises liners have felt the benefits. Sun Cruise's ships were fitted out with custom-designed Marine Units protecting fresh water hot and cold services, swimming pools, air-con chiller systems and the seawater cooling for the engines, generators and fresh water generators.

The successful application of ENiGMA on swimming pools, warrants a dedicated page (see Swimming Pool Conditioning under the Applications Tab). ENiGMA has helped reduce chemical usage, balance pH, reduce plant replacement and downtime, as well as visually improve the water quality and pool aesthetics.

ENiGMA's association with the MoD - via its approved supplier status on Project SLAM (Single Living Accommodation Modernisation) acquired in 2003 – further illustrates a shared commitment to sustainability and environmental issues. Here, the introduction of ENiGMA technology is quite literally saving the MoD (and tax payers) £millions over the anticipated 35-year working life of the new buildings. ETC’s ENiGMA system enabled the construction and management company to meet their contractual requirements and hand over the buildings in as new condition at the end of the contractual period of seven years.