Swimming Pool Conditioning

Whatever the size of pool, it costs time, labour and chemicals to ensure it is well maintained and safe.

The ENiGMA OLYMPIC is a non-chemical method of keeping swimming pools clean and reduce maintenance and running costs. We won the 1994 Ideal Home Exhibition’s Award of Excellence in the Environment Category for keeping swimming pools protected.

  • Reduce swimming pool maintenance by up to 50%.
  • Reduce the use of chlorine by at least 35%.
  • Reduced energy used to heat pool.
  • Reduce turbidity even with reduced need for filter cleans.
  • Remove scum deposits from the pool edge.
  • Return stainless steel fittings to their former pristine condition.
  • Remove limescale and hence bacteria from within the swimming pool plant.
  • Reduced need for chemicals to maintain pH balance.
  • Pay for itself in under 18 months on chemical savings alone.

Despite a significant reduction in the use of chlorine, independent analysis of water samples taken from swimming pools treated by the OLYMPIC have shown to have bacteria counts well within advisory guidelines. This was a direct result of removing limescale deposits.

Additional savings in energy, chemicals and water are possible, providing the person responsible is prepared to ignore some of the self-interest advice of chemical suppliers. TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels can be maintained at a higher level than usual if calcium is no longer precipitating out as scale. Therefore, periods between back-washing filters can be extended, resulting in less water and chemicals being poured down the drain!

The OLYMPIC is also suitable for spas and hydrotherapy pools.