University of the West of England (UWE)  

Richard Black, Facilities Manager at UWE, has been rolling out our ENiGMA units in their accommodation and education buildings over the last couple of years plus more in the pipeline as and when they are required.  He had this to say about his experience with our product and customer support:-

"ETC have kindly provided the UWE with an extremely reliable and cost effective solution to managing our ongoing water conditioning strategies throughout the university.

We are already seeing positive results in reduced limescale and reduction of time spent on maintenance requirements especially when servicing our hot water plant.

ETC have always provided a supreme level of customer support from conception design, quotations through to installation, commission and testing to ongoing future maintenance"

St Ermin's Hotel, London, tells us how the ENiGMA system works for them

Colin Farquharson, Property Manager at St Ermin's Hotel explains in the video below why he chose the ENiGMA system over a very costly replacement duplex water softening system.

Cambridge University ensures calorifiers are completely protected

Russell Waller, Head of Buildings and Services at Cambridge University saw installing ENiGMA as a failsafe option.  Watch the short video below to hear about their success when using the ENiGMA water descaler.

155 Bishopsgate, London, say the ENiGMA results have been remarkable

Brian Mountford, Engineering Manager at 155 Bishopsgate had inherent problems with the calorifiers.  Watch the video below to show how installing ENiGMA resulted in the inspection of them being completely clear on opening.  

Humidifier Success

It has always been the case, that our ENiGMA Limescale Control and Management System, has been successful on steam generators.  Leisure Centres and Data Centres across the UK, belonging to the UK's leaders in their fields, have, over the years, provided us with enough anecdotal evidence to remove any doubt.

              Untreated Humidifier                               Treated Humidifier

In addition to the anecdotes on how effective ENiGMA is, and how much longer the bottles last when the water is treated by ENiGMA, we now have photographic evidence.  You no longer need to accept premature failure as the norm.  Our systems are easily installed, cost effective, and provide a return on investment in less than 2 years.