> Product Information
Do you need to cut pipes or remove lagging?
There is no cutting of pipes required when installing ENiGMA descalers.  There is also no need for extra pipework or fittings.  Installation can be either on the pipe itself or over lagging.
How long will it take to descale my system?
This is dependant on the flow and quality of water and the amount of scale in the system.  Provided there is adequate water flow, the first measurable signs that the system is descaling will start to show after three to four months.
What happens to the removed limescale?
The limescale is simply dissolved in the same manner as it did in the ground that caused the problem in the first instance.  The calcium bicarbonate is simply carried out of the system within the water.
How long does the descaler treatment last?
Water that has been treated by ENiGMA can remain effective for four days when stored cold.  Heat, pressure and aeration will reduce the length of treatment time.  Location of treatment is essential for optimum effect, that is why we insist on surveying and carrying out all installations ourselves.  We do not sell boxes; rather provide solutions to hard water.
How much pipe is required for the coil?
The treatment coils applied to a pipe will only take up about 30 cm.  Ideally a similar length of straight pipe should be allowed pre and post coil.

> Energy and the Environment
How much energy does it consume?
Units consume between 5 watts/hr to 25 watts/hr depending on unit size.  The approximate cost to run is between £5 to £25 per year.
Can it be used on any type of pipe?
ENiGMA can be used on any pipe material.  Field experience has shown the technology to be equally effective on copper, steel, PVC, fibreglass, rubber and concrete pipes.  Units are available for pipes up to 80 inches in diameter.
How does it work?
The patented treatment provided by ENiGMA descalers causes calcium bicarbonate to revert back to a carbonate and seed onto other natural ions in the water, such as zinc, rather than on water system surfaces and components.  For a full explanation and video please look under tab 'Our Solution' and select 'How it Works.'
What are the power supply requirements?
Most ENiGMA units are dual voltage, requiring a 110 or 230 volts 50/60Hz.  Units can be custom-made for any voltage of 12 volts and above.  Many will run off photo-voltaics.
What is the design life of a unit?

ENiGMA units have been working since 1989; life span is expected to be in excess of 25 years.


Who installs the units?
We install them.  We do not sell boxes but provide solutions.  To achieve this it is necessary to understand a client's problem, agree the criteria for success and agree how it should be measured.  It is essential to ensure the equipment is installed in the correct place for optimum effect.
Is there a guide to energy savings?
The Carbon Trust advise that "1 mm of scale can increase energy usage by 7%"
Why use our units as an alternative to a softener?
The ENiGMA electronic descaler has several advantages over a water softener:-

It is environmentally friendly as it does not discharge salt and wasted water down the drain
It has an extremely low Carbon Footprint, when compared to that resulting from salt and water consumption necessary for a softener
No unit maintenance costs
Running cost measured in pence per day
No water wastage due to resin-bed regens
Water is not aggressive therefore does not cause corrosion in system
Occupies very little space
Life expectancy of the ENiGMA descaler is far greater than a softener
Does not have the weak-link of requiring a human to remember to top it up regularly - the biggest single reason for poor softener performance
At the end of its working life, can I return the unit to you for recycling?
Yes, your old ENiGMA electronic water descaler can be returned to us.  90% of the unit could be recycled.

> General
Are the units suitable for compliance with Building Regs, Part L (Energy Efficiency)?
Part L Building Regulations' Compliance Guide requires that buildings in hard water areas (>200ppm as CaCO3) require preventative treatment against the effects of limescale.  ENiGMA meets this requirement without the use of chemicals.
Will Hotel guests or Care Home residents get bits of scale from taps?
In the vast majority of cases no.  Softening of previously hard deposits within water systems are dissolved away by treated water and deposits on outside surfaces become easy to wipe away.
What is the difference between electromagnetic and ENiGMA electronic water conditioning?
Electromagnet units are only 100% effective at a specific water velocity whereas the ENiGMA electronic descaler generates a range of frequencies that are effective regardless of the water flow.
Why are you so much cheaper than others such as PowerMag & Hydromag?
Does it matter that our competitors may charge more, the ENiGMA descaler has a proven record of success.  It is a non-intrusive system requiring no disruption to services, no isolation valves or bypass pipework.  Running costs are much lower and there is no pressure reduction.