New Build

Prevention is far better than cure!

Unless water treatment is applied in new buildings, energy costs will continue to rise and premature replacement of hot water generators will result.  Despite it being a requirement in the Building Regulations, it is seldom even considered.

Proven Solution

Installed at the outset, ENiGMA will extend the efficient working life of water systems and associated equipment, reducing maintenance and energy costs to the advantage of the building owner plus benefiting sustainability and the environment by keeping the emission of greenhouse gases to a minimum. 


  • Longer life for capital equipment by preventing scale deposition
  • Reduces both maintenance and downtime
  • Large energy savings
  • Quality of water unchanged
  • Easy to install and move; non invasive, i.e. no downtime or plumbing required
  • Reduce whole life building costs
  • Ensuring Best Results

ENiGMA application engineers are trained to interpret water system drawings and determine optimum equipment and positioning to ensuring the client gets the most effective treatment both on performance and cost grounds. Consulting with new-build system designers to ensure complete understanding of how the treatment technology works and its limitations is also important.

ETC can advise as to how to protect a water system from scale at any stage of design, build or occupancy.