Non-chemical water treatment should be on the agenda for any sustainability program.   Hard water results in increased consumption of energy and water, increased dependence on chemicals and premature equipment failure.

ENiGMA impacts sustainability because it:-

  • Extends life of capital equipment
  • Descales existing systems
  • Achieves large energy savings
  • Uses no costly or dangerous chemicals and can be used for drinking water
  • Doesn’t interfere with the quality of water
  • Reduces bacteria levels - by removing their habitat and prime source of nourishment
  • Efficient water heating will kill bacteria

Reduced Maintenance & Downtime

Maintenance is costly, time consuming and often very inconvenient.  Systems usually have to be drained and essential equipment taken out of service for descaling - and the results are only temporary.   By contrast, ENiGMA both improves the condition of existing plant and continuously maintains its efficiency, whilst it is still in use.

Longer Life for Capital Equipment

Water systems, water-fed equipment and pipework represent a major investment.  Protection using ENiGMA extends equipment life, often indefinitely, making replacement unnecessary and maximises the return on capital invested.

The Alternative to Chemicals

Over the years many methods of physical water treatment have been tried.  For example, placing alternate magnetic poles in parallel to flowing water induces a voltage in the water.  The frequency of the voltage is dependent on the velocity of the flow.  If the frequency happens to be correct for the given conditions, precipitation occurs and the resultant crystals remain in the suspension in the water.

The drawback with this method is that the frequency required varies according to the conditions in the water system, e.g. flow-rate, water quality, temperature, pH etc.  Therefore, the results will be inconsistent, and this is the reason why Physical Water Treatment failed to gain wide acceptance.

In 1989, however, a new form of Physical Water Treatment was patented that did not involve magnets, chemicals, acids and expensive softening equipment, but achieved predictable and consistent results - the Frequency Modulated (FM) Electronic Descaler.




ETC contributes to London's first environmentally friendly skyscaper by installing their water treatment units to ensure the prevention of limescale build up was in keeping with the high efficiency and low energy waste philosophy of the building.

30 St Mary Axe or The Gherkin as it is better known

30 St. Mary Axe or 'The Gherkin' as it is better known.