Facilities Management

Approximately 70% of buildings in the UK are sited in hard water areas. This means that there are high levels of calcium bicarbonate present in the water used for drinking, washing heating and cooling. When the water is heated, calcium carbonate attaches to the nearest surface causing scale build-up, which:-

Increases heating and cooling costs
Increases the need for maintenance
Increases downtime
Increases equipment failure
Deposits unsightly calcium stains on surfaces increasing the need for cleaning
Encourages bacteria


For those who manage sites and/or properties, maintenance downtime or replacement of capital equipment due to scale can be a constant problem. For those responsible for keeping a site efficient, safe and maintain low energy costs then ENiGMA offers a proven answer. Applied to systems that have become inefficient and costly because of limescale, ENiGMA removes the need for chemical descalants and the early replacement of pipework, water-fed equipment and appliances. By removing existing scale, ENiGMA will restore the system back to its design performance, thereby delivering energy savings and reductions in greenhouse gases. Experience has demonstrated that scale is removed in a fraction of the time it had taken to form. The resulting pay-back can be as little as a few months, and has rarely been longer than two years.